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Integrated care for people with palliative care needs

December 18th, 2020

The Chronicity Research Group of Central Catalonia (C3RG), the Chair of Palliative Care of the UVic-UCC and the Catalan-Balearic Society of Palliative Care held on December 3rd an extraordinary projects nursery to reflect on integrated care for people who need palliative treatments. The session, open to the public and virtual, had 60 attendees and made it possible to know more about the territorial implementation of this care, with a specific look at how it has developed so far in Osona.


The expert in integrated care and home care Oriol Fuertes (CEO and co-founder of QIDA and member of the PAISS Advisory Council) presented a global and pragmatic vision on the elements necessary to correctly implementation of integrated care programs in the territory.


Based on the experiences of other countries, such as the United Kingdom, Fuertes emphasized the capacity of the Catalan system to continue evolving its home care model. Catalan system could do that through the construction of pillars such as the sharing of a territorial social and health leadership model, the follow-up of the person through a team and a case manager, the availability of a professional caregiver at home or the provision of technology and non-face-to-face services at home.


In addition, the projects nursery also released the results of the doctoral thesis of Meritxell Mondéjar, nurse and member of the C3RG. Under the title 'An integrated palliative care system in Osona', Mondéjar's thesis deals with the evolution of integrated palliative care in Catalonia and Osona and sets out the essential aspects that should be in the region's system. For the author, it is important to improve the continuity of care and the shared information system, increase the number of professionals and services, as well as their training and intervention capacity.


You can consult the information of the presentations below:


Oriol Fuertes’ presentation

Meritxell Mondéjar’s presentation

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